Auroch Digital is Bristol based video games development studio and consultancy.  Here are some of the organisations that we’ve worked with/partnered with/completed projects with:

Some of the companies Auroch Digital has partnered with, completed projects with, been supported by or are clients of ours.

From producing, designing and evaluating games, to organising game jams and hacks, and now the rapid-prototyping of news stories into games, we are keen gamers on a mission to share this passion. We work on how games can be used as a means of making people laugh, smile or think. We are also instrumental in supporting the South West games development community, our work includes organising monthly get-togethers in Bristol and an online newsletter sharing up-to-date news and opportunities for this thriving community as part of Bristol Games Hub.

For more information, contact Debbie Rawlings, Director of Operations on debbie@aurochdigital dot com

Auroch Digital’s Tomas Rawlings talks about games and democracy at TEDx:

Here’s an idea of just some of the services we can provide:

Gaming Strategies

Games are expensive to produce, but can have amazing results, provided they are done correctly.  We can generate a gaming strategy for your organisation; we’ll be looking at what types of games might assist your aims, on what platforms and how it fits your brand or organisation as a whole.  We can also advise on an existing development strategy, helping you improve what you do already (some thoughts on this topic from our blog…).

A screenshot from the online app for ‘Gamify Your PhD‘, a project conceived and produced by Auroch Digital.

Game Jams

A Game Jam is a method of rapid prototyping of a video game, going from concept to a working version in anything from a matter of hours to days. This is in contrast to the normal development cycle of a game which runs from weeks to years. Game Jams tend to run around a loose theme. In contrast to full game development, Game Jams tend to ignore many of the wrapper and longer-term functionality aspects of a game (option screen, save systems etc) in favour of a focus on gameplay. Jams are a great way to bring a team together, to rapidly develop an idea or to explore a theme or just to have a lot of fun.  We’ve organised a number of game jams for different groups and with different aims, for example the ‘Gamify Your PhD‘ project for the Wellcome Trust or the Global Game Jam Bristol event we produced.

Production & Development

We can produce and develop games, digital projects and other creative ventures for your organisation.  We have a wealth of experience producing projects on a whole host of platforms, timescales and budgets.  We’re specialists in rapid-prototyping of games.  Another example is the digital accompaniment to the Wellcome Trust’s highly regarded ‘Dirt’ Season.  The game ‘Filth Fair’, was described by the technology blog Nine Over Ten as, “…an amazing and beautiful piece of art melded with tough trivia gameplay. [We are] proud to present it with a 4.5 out of 5 rating.”  Design Week described it as ‘captivating’, remarking that the game was, “a great way to get people engaged with the exhibition’s theme and objects.

It is not just games we produce but also events, articles, publications and more. For example we’ve organised and facilitated discussion panels for the Develop Conference. Speak to us to find out more!

Filth Fair Screenshot: The game was No.1 in the US iTunes Store for Education and Trivia. The pitching process and production was developed and run by Auroch Digital.

Evaluation, Design & More

We can also help with evaluating your current project/s and how to improve on future developments.  We can provide a game design, whether an initial concept, right through to a full game design document, for example Bag It & Bin It game for Wessex Water. (There are thoughts on this topic from our blog.)

We can help with game balancing (helping to get the fun and difficulty curve of your game just right), development process evaluation (assisting in improving the way you make games and their impact on the player) and presentations (from talking at your events on a range of games and technology topics, to helping you improve your presentations and pitches or letting us do them for you!).

We can also assist with designing and delivering topic specific workshops, facilitating ideas sessions, practical sessions on many aspects of games and technology (Some thoughts on this topic from our blog).

“I haven’t been able to put this game down…SCORE 94%” bone-idle.ie review of Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign (PSP). The game was designed by Auroch Digital’s Tomas Rawlings.

PS. Aurochs, if you were wondering, is the ancestor of the domesticated cattle we see today.  They were huge wild animals with a shoulder height of around 2m…

…we like the conjunction of something ancient with something very modern, with our own twist, hence, we are Auroch Digital!